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Blind date Book Fantasy Romance (Spicy)

Blind date Book Fantasy Romance (Spicy)

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Blind Date Book: Fantasy Romance, Spicy High Fantasy & Paranormal

Elevate your reading experience with our enchanting Blind Date Book, a delightful blend of fantasy romance, spicy high fantasy, and paranormal intrigue. This specially curated package is perfect for those seeking a magical escape and a touch of self-care.


  • Surprise Element: Dive into the thrill of the unknown with this mystery book, handpicked to deliver an enthralling mix of fantasy romance and paranormal adventure. Let the unexpected journey sweep you off your feet.
  • Self-Care Focus: Enhance your relaxation time with this Blind Date Book. Light a candle, create a cozy reading spot, and immerse yourself in a story that offers both escapism and excitement. Perfect for winding down and treating yourself to some much-needed 'me-time.'
  • Reusable Cover: The beautifully crafted cover is not just for wrapping the book. Repurpose it for your journaling or scrapbooking projects. The unique, artistic designs can add a personal touch to your diaries, planners, or creative scrapbooks, making your self-care rituals even more special.
  • Included Goodies: Along with the book, you'll find a whimsical moth and butterfly bookmark, a palette of soothing purple sticky notes for marking your favourite quotes.

Indulge in the mystery and magic of our Blind Date Book. Perfect for adding a bit of fantasy and romance to your reading routine while incorporating elements of self-care and creativity. Treat yourself or a loved one to this enchanting literary experience.

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