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Love at 1st line-Blind date Book (002) Romance

Love at 1st line-Blind date Book (002) Romance

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Love at 1st line- Blind date book number 002 come on down! 

The love at 1st line blind date book collection, is a new level of mystery! You don't see the front cover, you don't even get a few key clues about the book, nope all you get of the book is the genre and the very 1st line! Exciting!!!!

Embark on a thrilling journey with "Love at 1st line" - a mystery book for the brave and adventurous! Discover a new level of suspense and intrigue in this romantic tale. You won't be able to put it down!

The 1st line of this book...

"I hadn't expected to spend my Friday night banging a block of ice against a concrete corner while I wore four-inch heels and a little dress that barely covered my ass, but these were desperate times."

This book is brand new. 

Brand: Joyella Design

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