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Mystic Love Witchy Romance Book Lover's Gift Set- Love at 1st Line edition

Mystic Love Witchy Romance Book Lover's Gift Set- Love at 1st Line edition

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Mystic Love Witchy Romance Book Lover's Gift Set

Unveil the mysteries of love and magic with our Mystic Love Witchy Romance Book Lover's Gift Set. This spellbinding collection is woven with elements of the mystical and the romantic, creating a perfect concoction for those who treasure tales where love transcends the ordinary bounds, and magic is woven into every heartstring. Whether you're a seeker of enchanted narratives or searching for the ideal gift for a fellow connoisseur of witchy romances, this set is designed to bewitch the senses and kindle the flames of whimsical passion.

What's Included:

  • Love at 1st Line Blind Date Book: Begin your enchanted journey with a witchy romance novel, shrouded in mystery until the moment you unveil it. Each book is handpicked and wrapped, with the very first line teased on the cover, enticing you to guess the story that awaits. This unique "Love at 1st line" approach promises an instant connection to a tale of magical love.

  • Milk of the Stars Chocolate: Savor the celestial delight of our Milk of the Stars Chocolate. Crafted for those midnight reading sessions, this gourmet chocolate is as enchanting as the tales within your blind date book. Let each bite transport you to starlit skies and moments of sweet, magical indulgence.

  • Moon Child Pocket Mirror: Embrace your inner Moon Child with this beautifully designed pocket mirror. Compact and exquisitely detailed, it's a reminder of the magic within and the beauty of the universe that surrounds us. Perfect for those touch-ups before diving back into your literary escape.

  • Cat Themed Reusable Face Wipes: Enhance your self-care routine with our cat-themed reusable face wipes. Gentle on your skin and the environment, these eco-friendly wipes are adorned with whimsical cat designs, paying homage to the witchy companion of lore. Washable and soft, they're perfect for refreshing your face after a long night lost in other worlds.

  • Fluffy Socks: Wrap your feet in the soft embrace of our fluffy socks. Designed to keep you cozy and warm, these socks are the ultimate companion for your witchy romance adventures. Let their comfort guide you as you wander through magical realms and tales of star-crossed lovers.

Why Choose Our Gift Set?

The Mystic Love Witchy Romance Book Lover's Gift Set is a tribute to the spellbinding combination of magic and romance. It's an ideal gift for any occasion, promising to delight and enchant with its carefully chosen items that cater to the whimsical and the romantic. From the first line of a hidden tale to the cozy comfort of fluffy socks, each element has been selected to enhance the reading experience, making it a memorable package for anyone who believes in the power of love and magic.

Step into a world where magic lights the path to love, and let your heart be ensorcelled. Order now and embrace the mystical journey that awaits.

If this is a gift for a friend or loved one, we can send it straight to them with a handwritten message, just pop it in the notes section at checkout. 

Each one of our gift sets is stocked with items from small UK businesses, which makes them even more special! 


Love at 1st line- Blind date book 

Fluffy socks 


Reusable face wipes

Milk of the stars Chocolate

Moon Child pocket mirror

Brands included in this box: Joyella Design, Ladybird Lane, Willie's Cacao

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