New Website, new business, supporting others!

New Website, new business, supporting others!

I feel like it's been a long road to get to the launch of this website, in fact i'm writing this 2 days before the website goes live! 

But why? Why am I expanding my business with other brands? Why now? Just why? I feel I've struggled to explain why on my current social media platforms, and thought maybe writing it all down in a blog post, might help me explain it and also make my head a little less fuzzy! 

It's been a long road to get to this stage of my business and when I started I had no idea I would get to this point, about to launch something I'm insanely proud of, and what's even better, knowing that I'm supporting others too! 

The Etsy shop I've built over the last 2 years has been amazing and the support and small community i've built on Instagram has been the cherry on top of the cake! But as the world spins into a downward spiral, the cost of living is rising and people are struggling, and that also means the small business world is really struggling! 

However, people will always need gifts, so I've moved from a stationery business to an online gift shop, and I knew this wasn't something I could do on my own. Thanks to a huge platform like Faire, creating an online shop has become so much easier! I watched another incredible small business go from creating her own things to expanding with other brands and she has been a huge inspiration for this big shift in my business. 

Olive and Mabel, is an online stationery shop run by the very talented Jennie. She's an incredible support for other businesses and she took the biggest step in supporting others, by adding them to her business and online shop! It's been wonderful to watch her grow and support others the way she does, she a true cheerleader for the small business community! 

Seeing Jennie do that, give me the push and the leap of faith I needed to take this business to the next level and do something I am so so passionate about. I can't express the joy I get in seeing other businesses grow and succeed. I love seeing people follow their passions, and creating new businesses following their dreams! And now I've found a way I can support others dreams and also build my own!!!! What is not to love about this new business model! 

So as I write this, 2 days before my website goes live, I will express how not only excited I am but also so so nervous! By the time this blog post goes live, the website will already be up and running and I have no idea how its going to go! 

I'll maybe write another blog post after the launch and express how I am felling then! 

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