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Enchanted Love Witchy Romance Book Lover's Gift Set

Enchanted Love Witchy Romance Book Lover's Gift Set

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Enchanted Love Witchy Romance Gift Set

Step into a world where magic meets passion with our Enchanted Love Witchy Romance Gift Set. This bewitching collection is designed for those who revel in the allure of mystical love stories, where every turn of the page is a step deeper into enchantment. Whether you're treating yourself to a magical evening or looking for the perfect gift for the witchy romance aficionado in your life, this set promises to cast a spell of intrigue and warmth.

What's Included:

  • Blind Date with a Book - Witchy Romance Edition: Be swept off your feet with a mystery romance novel, carefully selected from the realms of magic and enchantment. The book is elegantly wrapped, with tantalising clues about its witchy love story printed on the cover. Unveil the book to discover a tale of love that transcends the ordinary, where magic is real and passion knows no bounds.

  • Log Fire Candle: Illuminate your reading nook with the warm glow of our Log Fire Candle. Crafted to mimic the enchanting aroma of a crackling fire, this candle sets the perfect ambiance for diving into your new witchy romance. Let its cozy scent wrap around you, creating an atmosphere of comfort and mystique.

  • Fluffy Socks: Embrace the warmth with our luxuriously soft fluffy socks. Designed to keep your feet snug and warm, they are the ideal companion for those chilly evenings spent curled up with a captivating book and the soft flicker of candlelight.

  • Cauldron Bath Bomb: Immerse yourself in the magic of our Cauldron Bath Bomb. As it fizzes away, it transforms your bath into a bubbling potion of relaxation and rejuvenation, infused with enchanting scents and skin-loving ingredients. It's the perfect way to unwind and pamper yourself after an enthralling reading session.

  • Moth Keyring: Carry a piece of the mystical wherever you go with our exclusive moth keyring. Symbolising transformation and the pursuit of light, this elegantly designed keyring is a constant reminder of the magical journey of love and self-discovery found within the pages of witchy romances.

Why Choose Our Gift Set?

The Enchanted Love Witchy Romance Gift Set is a celebration of magic, romance, and the cozy comfort of getting lost in a book. Each item has been carefully chosen to enhance your reading experience, offering both the thrill of a new love story and the relaxation of a night spent indulging in self-care. It's an ideal gift for any occasion, promising to enchant and delight anyone who believes in the power of love and magic.

Indulge in the mystique of witchy romance, surround yourself with the comforts of magic, and let your heart be captivated. Order now and prepare to be spellbound by love.


Love at 1st line- Blind date book 

Fluffy socks 


Cauldron Bath bomb

Moth Keyring

Brands included in this box: Joyella Design, Pintail Candles, Fizz Bomb Cosmetics

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