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Joyella Design

Poe the Raven hard enamel pin

Poe the Raven hard enamel pin

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Introducing "Poe," an intriguing hard enamel pin by Joyella Design that pays homage to the mysterious and literary world of ravens and classic literature. This pin features a sleek black raven perched atop a stack of colourful books, with golden accents that highlight its detailed design.

"Poe" is the perfect accessory for literature enthusiasts, bird lovers, and fans of the macabre. Made with high-quality materials, this pin is both sturdy and vibrant, ensuring it stands out wherever you place it—be it on your bag, jacket, or pin board. The polished finish and intricate detailing make "Poe" a striking piece that adds a touch of mystery and elegance to any collection.

Embrace the allure of the literary world and let "Poe" accompany you on your adventures.

---MEET POE---

Poe is a teenage raven with a sleek, glossy coat and an air of mystery about him. He resides in the nooks and crannies of a haunted bookshop, a place where the whispers of the past blend with the creaks and groans of ancient shelves. Poe, despite grappling with dyslexia, has found solace and excitement within the pages of spooky books. His condition makes reading a challenge, yet there's something about the chill of a scary story, the suspense that hangs on every word, which motivates him to push through the jumble of letters. Poe loves the adrenaline rush that comes from tales of ghosts, ghouls, and unexplained mysteries. The thrill of a good scare keeps him eagerly flipping pages, hungry for the next eerie twist. In this haunted bookshop, among the dusty tomes and shadowy corners, Poe has discovered his passion for reading, proving that even in the most unexpected places, joy can be found.



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