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Joyella Design

Shadow the Cat hard enamel pin

Shadow the Cat hard enamel pin

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Introducing "Shadow," an enchanting hard enamel pin by Joyella Design that captures the mystery and charm of a magical feline companion. This pin features an adorable black cat with mesmerising green eyes, donning a classic witch's hat and sitting atop a spell book. The golden accents and meticulous detailing make this pin a captivating accessory for any collection.

Perfect for cat lovers, Halloween enthusiasts, and those who appreciate a touch of whimsy, "Shadow" is crafted from high-quality materials ensuring durability and vibrant colours. This pin is ideal for adding a magical touch to your bag, jacket, or pin board, making it a versatile addition to your accessory collection.

Embrace the magic and let "Shadow" be your charming companion on all your adventures.


Shadow is a graceful black cat with a sleek coat that mirrors the midnight sky. At 9 years old, she carries herself with an air of sophistication only a cat of her wisdom could possess. Shadow has dyslexia, which makes the world of words a maze of mystery and intrigue. Despite this, her passion for stories, especially those brimming with magic and witches, knows no bounds. She finds solace and joy in books laden with vivid pictures, allowing her imagination to soar alongside witches on broomsticks and through enchanted forests. Shadow's adventurous spirit doesn't stop at reading; she delves into her human's dressing up box, adorning herself with capes, hats, and whatever accessories she can find to embody the magical characters she reads about. This whimsical black cat lives each day as if it's a page from her favourite story, filled with wonder, magic, and a touch of mischief.


Please bare in mind the colours on the print may differ slightly to what you see on the screen!

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